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Urban Square Above Train Station | Brooklyn. New York

Typology Urban piazza - amphitheater structure and landscape design

location. Brooklyn  New York

Area 4 dunams

The Brooklyn borough of New York is undergoing social, cultural and physical changes. Projects with a strong urban imprint and entire neighborhoods are changing their face.

The project is located in the "Grand Army Plaza", where a subway station is also located.

The architectural action seeks to turn the traffic circle into an active urban square for a meeting and relaxation corners. The gesture is simple - tilting the geometry of the square at a slight angle creates a dialogue between the amphitheater structure and the convergence, and below it trade. Opposite it, a biological pool of water is present in its appearance. The public space between the historic Arc de Triomphe and the amphitheater, also as an arc structure, is framed by a double avenue of trees, separating the noise of the cars from the new urban space.

In collaboration with architect Alexander Shalit






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