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Reuse of Hangar 2 in the port of Jaffa

pers-1 copy.jpg

Typology Reuse of a public structure

location. Jaffa Port Israel

Area 1500 sqm


In collaboration with architect Roy Fabian


Architecture evokes feelings and hints at how the space produced is used, using a minority of means, which are available to it in order to leave room for a changing creative activity, which constructs the character of the place.


The place has existed for a long time, an empty shell of material content, within which activity takes place with the fluctuations of time, business, commercial and now also entertainment and creation that must be contained in measured and meticulous shells so as not to exclude the natural users of the place - fishermen, who live the space between the shells.

And it is not clear what sustains what, the space envelope, the shells or the human activity in them and between them, the temporal activity as the temporal structures, arranged in the space of the great envelope, organized and arranged in their position, they and the envelope, they and the entrances to the envelope, they , Opaque shells large for man and small for the shell, are directed towards the nearest entrance in the hint of the opening into them, radiating light and vitality in favor of the opening and another window opened in the shell.


The shell like the shell, an empty shell filled with animals with the activity, which takes place inside, produces ripples of vigor through the door and window to the space between the shells and from there out through the shell doors to the port and surrounding area.

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