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Typology of public buildings

Beer Sheva location. Israel

Area 1.3 dunams

This project is located in the heart of the H. neighborhood in Be'er Sheva, and is intended as a day center for the treatment of marginal girls, girls up to adulthood. Its purpose is to serve as a physical and mental tender, with the aim of ending the cycle of intergenerational abuse and deterioration, and providing a platform for personal, cohesive and integrated independence in the population and employment. Of all the terrain conditions and program requirements, a large yard remains. Today it has 6 mature trees and a mostly neglected one. We believe in the potential of the yard and the power it holds in a central restoration motif that the architecture of the project can contribute alongside the process of vocational restoration. For this purpose - the building serves as a "rehabilitative filter" that will mediate between rich garden parts in seating areas, together and separately, protected areas and shade.

Phase A of the project is a garden in front of the building "rehabilitative ground fold" - a kind of carpet in delicate ground folds that produce two convergence areas - formal and informal for girls. The fold radiates in its shape the contents of the building in such a way that the building and the yard work as one holistic system - a yard structure, and unite forces for the healing and mental rehabilitation effort of the center.



Therapeutic Day Center for Girls Beer Sheva

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