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Pedestrian bridge | Main entrance hospital campus

Typology Pedestrian bridge

location. Be'er Sheva Israel

Area 4,500 square meters

'Reger' Boulevard in the city of Be'er Sheva, connects the parts of the city along its length, from south to north. Along them, are located some of the city's main institutions, among them - Soroka University Medical Center.

The new entrance system is designed in soft lines and draws inspired by the desert landscapes of the city's surroundings, and in particular from the 'Limans' (LIMANS - 'water reservoirs') from the historical Nabataean culture. These are expressed through an array of sloping surfaces, shaded along their entire length, accompanied by rich vegetation, and bridging between the street level and the main entrance foyer. Shade trees, and rich vegetation. These, are woven together into a rich space, for the benefit of the visitors of the medical center - the public, and the Center Stuff. The spatial and scenic richness of the project, give it a unique identity in appearance and shape, with full access and accessibility, while being sensitive to its surroundings, both in front of the urban space on 'Reger' Boulevard and towards the medical center.



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