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Ofakim Park neighborhood Landscape promenade


Typical scenic promenade

 location. Ofakim Israel

Area 60 dunams 2 km

The scenic story of the Park neighborhood in Ofakim begins on its eastern border, along Nahal Ofakim. The uniqueness of Nahal Ofakim, beyond being a rare and unique habitat of about 149 species of animals and about 269 species of plants, is in the remains of fossils found in it. They originate in coral outcrops that have undergone a dolomitization process and become fossils. Landscape planning for the park neighborhood, dives into the depths of the ancient shoreline (from the Falcon period), and revives the forms of the sea landscape in the public space, on the park promenade, the neighborhood's green health, to the central city square. The scenic design weaves together sculpted grassy hills, shadows, play facilities inspired by coral reefs (atoll), the edge of organic street furniture, and flooring patterns inspired by water waves. The original design will give the Park neighborhood a unique character and identity, which connects an ancient past to a sustainable future, between nature and urban development, and between man and the environment.

Leading architect: Oranit Partosh, Amit Ashton



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