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Green Room |  Medical Patio

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Typology  Patio

location. Petah Tikva. Israel Israel

Area 230 square meters

'Green Room' is an excavated patio on a lower level of the Belinson campus, intended for the well-being of the hospital, medical and nursing staff. The project is part of a series of therapeutic patios that was designed and implemented at the Schneider Medical Center for Pediatrics, Petah Tikva.
The planning concept 'green room', covers an area of 230 square meters, and is about 4 meters high, and offers physical and mental respite to the medical and nursing staff, in the holy work of caring for the children hospitalized in the various departments of the hospital.
A 'green room' consists of four facades: three of them face the meeting rooms and the dining room, and one facade, a plant wall facade, facing north, to the retaining wall that holds the excavated soil section.
Beyond its engineering function, the retaining wall becomes a real 'canvas of green foliage', and is designed with hydroponic planting technology, which saves water and requires no soil at all.
The 'green brush' lines of the layout of the plants draw inspiration from a geological soil fold. The excavated section of land becomes a green and living memory, with rich plant textures and varying shades. These change not according to the decree of fashion, but according to the decree of the seasons. Planning the layout of the plants were planned according to the exposure of the plants to sunlight and shade.
The irrigation systems and system pumps are hidden in a floating deck floor made of Burmese teak wood panels in varying sections. Along the green wall, an amorphous bench with a length of about 25 m was designed, designed with variable sections, and allows for diverse seating positions.
A 'green room' is an experience of several resolutions: it is viewed from the conference rooms and allows a 'green view' for the well-being of the medical and nursing staff staying there, and for those who enjoy the patio, close to its canopy, sitting on the bench.

Photography: Daniel Katzav

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