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Dunes | Elementary school yard


Typology of educational structures. Outdoor areas

location. Tel Aviv  Israel

Area 4,200 square meters

In the crowded city, the school grounds are utilized for the use and enjoyment of the community, in the afternoon. Three rubber hills in the shape of Sahara desert sand dunes, bridges between the courtyard level and an avenue of mature ficus trees. The slopes of the dune provide an engineering solution for collecting surface runoff for the ficus trees, along with a functional solution for bridging between the courtyard levels - a low, medium and high hill.

The three hills, enrich the school yard space with a three-dimensional landscape layer, giving it a unique identity with a rich look and shape.

These, replace the routine play facilities, and allow for reclining, sitting, climbing and skating modes.

In the educational pan, the hills offer a fascinating combination of admiration and learning.

From a child's height (on average about 60-100 cm) the hills seem like huge dunes, inviting a sensual and holistic experience with the open environment, and with nature.

Photo: Structure Studio



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