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STRUCTURE Studio is an all architectural service company that deals with the total urban system:

Urbanism and urban design, combined with public architecture and landscaping.

The studio was founded by Yossi Shushan, architect and urban planner.

STRUCTURE ves architecture from a holistic perspective: the components built and those that are open- the ambient enter is not executed locally nor its elements are limited exclusively to functionalism and purely aesthetic issues; the ones that usan, morar o pasar a través, are an integral part and essential components of the formula, always present with the architectural process.

For this reason, each project is in a unique challenge to integrate a design function with an architectural platform that engages in an emotional response to the occupiers, to digest their emotional need. Each concept exists with physical ambitions as well as symbolic contexts, combined with external ideas.

These, together with the customer required, formulated in form and content, express a unique concept. To do so, the studio is a concept of special cognition, a created campus for infrastructure research by architects in Israel and beyond. This concept is the subject of Yossi Shushan Master Thesis.

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